What We Do


Touristy is a specialized marketing agency dedicated to delivering the right message to your potential customers. We solve for direct booking in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries—ensuring your guests are happy from that first click.



We attract the right audiences to our partner websites with paid search, display and programmatic advertising, visitor remarketing, social media, blogging, and content marketing.



We convert our partners' website traffic with the strategic use of engaging content, strong calls to action, custom landing pages, and simple forms.



Most importantly, we help our partners close more direct business through the implementation of a (CRM). The CRM and email automations instantly begin organizing and nurturing the leads you receive. We’ll review your sales processes and collateral to ensure you’re always positioned to win.


Learn how a global bicycle tour provider reached new heights with Touristy


How Touristy Succeeds

Wondering how Touristy sets partners up to get more direct bookings? Check out our proven strategy.


Phase One   /   Discovery Phase

Immediately following the campaign kick off, we begin this exciting first step of your journey. Our goal during this phase is to identify your unique needs, challenges, target audience and desired results, which we then use to create a goal-oriented marketing plan.

Phase Two   /   Strategic Planning

Fresh off the knowledge gained in the Discovery phase, we’re ready to define your marketing campaign. With your buyer personas in mind, we’ll develop your blogging, content, or paid search strategy, to ensure we’re speaking to the right audience with the right message.

Phase Three   /   Implement & Launch

With all the pieces in place, we’re ready to launch your campaign! Once live, our team closely monitors the performance of your campaign to identify trending strengths and successes, as well as opportunities to improve. With performance reporting delivered to your inbox monthly, and scheduled calls and conversations with your Account Manager, you’ll always know exactly how we’re doing.