How to (Quickly) Get Started in Travel Video Marketing

One third of online activity is spent watching videos. This means a video marketing content strategy in the travel industry is no longer nice to have - but a business imperative. For hospitality marketers just dipping their toes in this new medium, or for those who want to continue to improve their travel video marketing strategy, here are ideas to help you along the way.

Focus on Good Content, Value and Storytelling NOT Sales

Your travel marketing video content should not be about sales but about telling a story that adds value and/or allows viewers to form an emotional connection to your company and brand. A few video content ideas to get started:

  • Take potential travelers behind the scenes and show them what a day in your life is like or what it takes to get everything prepared for their arrival
  • Discuss how to solve a common problem your customers experience
  • Respond to current issues in the travel industry
  • Respond to the biggest concerns potential travelers have when booking with you or your competition
  • Show the biggest highlights or the top reasons customers say they enjoyed their experience with you
  • Create a montage of videos made with actual customers with them discussing what they liked about their experience with you
  • Use video content created by current or previous customers

Determine Video Length by Where it Will be Published

Ideally your video will be between 30 seconds and two minutes. However, where the video will be published ultimately determines optimal length. According to Hubspot, videos on Instagram should be 30 seconds, videos on Twitter should be 45 seconds, Facebook videos should be one minute and YouTube videos two minutes. Have more to say than will fit in three minutes? Break your videos into a series.

Make it Mobile Friendly


According to YouTube, the rate of mobile video consumption increases 100% year over year. Ensure yours is easily downloaded and viewed on mobile devices. Prior to launching your video test it on multiple devices to ensure optimal viewing.

Let Your Personality Burst Through 

You want to ensure the people booking with you are the right fit for your brand and company. To help facilitate this, ensure your personality shines through in all your travel marketing videos.

Know the criticality of the first 8.5 seconds

If hospitality marketers do not grab and hold the attention of potential travelers in the first 8.5 seconds they are very likely to lose them. Do not spend half a second with superfluous content, imagery or videos.

Use a good thumbnail 

Within a YouTube search, a person is presented a series of video titles with respective thumbnails to help them select the best option. Make sure your thumbnail is visually interesting and helps convey what is intriguing about your video.

Tell your story with and without sounds

Data shows as many as 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Make sure your video contains subtitles for people who will watch it without volume.

Be Creative with Where You Put Your CTAs

CTAs are not just for the end of your video anymore, consider putting it at the very beginning or in the middle. For optimal interaction test different CTAs. Potential CTAs to test include asking the viewer to:

  • Sign up for email
  • Take advantage of a promotion
  • Follow you on social channels
  • Like the video
  • Share the video
  • Download an asset
  • Visit your website

Use Keywords in the Title of Your Video

More than 50% of all content is found via search engines and the title of your video is one of the most important SEO elements. Work with a travel marketing SEO agency to determine your SEO keyword strategy and make sure those keywords are incorporated into the title of your travel marketing video.

Add a Video Description

Use the description area to help potential viewers know what they will get from your video, how it is different from other videos and as a place to incorporate the targeted keyword. Make sure to keep it concise, quick to the point and jargon free.  

Use Data to Determine Your Next Video

Make sure you have the appropriate tracking in place to view key metrics on your videos. Use these metrics to craft and refine future videos. Data such as number of views, number of people who watched the entire video, where people exited the video if they did not watch the entire thing, how many times it was shared and where it was most often viewed will provide key information on the success of this video and other future videos like it.

Be Funny

As The Atlantic reported, the reason humor is used in advertising is because – it works. The purpose of investing in advertising such as video marketing is to get and hold the attention of your target audience and there are few better ways to do that – than by making them to laugh.

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Be Brave

If you want attention, you are going to have to stand out. And if you want to stand out – you are going to need to be brave. Doing what others have done, what your competition is doing or what you have always done in the past may get your video off your to do list – but it won’t get the job done. Be brave.

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