7 Reasons Why You Should ONLY Work with a Tourism Marketing Agency


Many marketing organizations believe they can do just as good a job for the tourism industry as others whose niche is tourism marketing.

But is this true? We don’t think so.

Here are 7 reasons travel and hospitality companies should only work with a travel marketing agency.

1. Guaranteed Passion

If a marketing company picks one industry to be their sole focus and their only revenue generator, you instantly know a few things about them.

  • They are extremely passionate about this industry.
  • They have a ton of confidence and experience in what they are doing.
  • Everyone on their team are thrilled about what you do – and about what they get to do.

2. Subject Matter Expertise at Your Finger Tips

Of course, hospitality companies know a lot about their industry and audience, but they can’t know it all. If you are looking for marketing support, why would you consider choosing any partner other than one who provides you real-world tourism insights starting on day one.

3. Make Connections, Build Your Network, Connect with Influencers - Easily


You have a choice. You could partner with a marketing company that does not have a network of travel influencers and partners. Or you could partner a marketing company that does have a network of travel influencers and potential partners. Which one would you choose?  This is the reason selecting a tourism marketing agency is critical to the success of your business.

4. A Library of Travel Industry Case Studies and Lessons Learned

You want to use your resources effectively. To do this it is best to work with a team who has witnessed pitfalls in the tourism industry and knows how to avoid them.  This allows you to escape the wasted time and resources of much trial and error and instead, focus your efforts on earning and growing.

5. Tourism Marketing Agencies Know Your Customer – Inside and Out

Technology changes every day and with it so does your customers behavior, wants, needs and expectations. Working with an agency that communicates with your customer all day every day means you have immediate access to more deep and rich information about your audience.

6. No Wasted Time Starting from Scratch

Working with a non-niche marketing agency means a significant onboarding process for you. This onboarding process involves numerous meetings and conversations to educate this agency about your industry, your company and your audience. What if you didn’t have to do that? What if instead, starting day one, you had an agency partner that could tell you about new insights in the travel industry? What if this same agency could give you deeper insights into your audience than you ever thought possible? What if they gave your real-world examples on how to (and how not to) communicate with your customers? If you could have all this a phone call away - why would you choose any other partner?

7. Faster Results

When the hospitality and tourism industry partners with a tourism marketing agency it means a lot of things:

  • You are not wasting time starting with an uneducated marketing team
  • You have an equal and valuable partner from day one
  • You have access to decades of travel industry thought leadership
  • You are a phone call away from knowing the next trend or tip before anyone else.

What does this all add up to for you? More results and more revenue – more quickly and easily. 

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