Have You Asked These Questions to Travel Marketing SEO Agencies?


To help hospitality marketers identify the best travel marketing SEO agency for their needs, we have created a set of questions to ask potential SEO companies. These questions include ideal answers and cover the four major areas all reputable SEO agencies should have the skills to provide:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Keyword research, identification and content optimization
  3. SEO content strategy and creation
  4. Reporting

When will the SEO technical audit be run?

SEO technical audits should be run at the very beginning of the engagement. It should be run again after a significant number of the initial issues identified are fixed, and then on a monthly or quarterly basis.

What type of information will it the SEO technical audits provide?

A strong technical SEO audit will provide hospitality marketers a prioritized list of issues preventing search engines from thoroughly crawling your site. These issues will include: broken links, issues with metadata, site speed issues, issues with site content, etc.

Who will be responsible for fixing identified SEO technical issues?

If you have an available developer these types of fixes could be fixed by that individual. Otherwise, you should ensure your travel marketing SEO agency has the resources available to remediate identified issues.

When will identified technical SEO issues be fixed?

Most of these issues should be fixed in a month or two. If there are numerous duplicate or missing pieces of metadata, these will have to be researched and the pages optimized prior to inputting this information into your site.

How do you approach selecting keywords for SEO page optimization?

This is a multi-faceted approach including looking at current site metrics to determine keywords that are/are not performing, doing a competitive analysis of the keywords top competitors are using and traditional SEO keyword research for your site.


Which pages will be optimized for SEO?

If you have a small site (1 – 25 pages) all pages should, unless there is a compelling reason not to, be optimized. If you have a large site, an audit should be performed to determine which pages should (or should not be) optimized and a schedule prepared to outline which pages will be optimized first, second and so on.

Can I see examples of content you have written for customers in the past?

The answer to this should always be yes.

Who do you believe is doing SEO content strategy well right now?

SEO agencies who are up on their game will follow content strategy trends and leaders. They will be able to provide you a list of companies to look at for inspiration and ideas.

What is your approach on backlinks?

There are many wrong ways to get backlinks and only a few ways to do it right. The right ways are:

  • To develop strong content and have backlinks naturally occur
  • Develop meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with influencers and online publishers
  • Have a strong PR strategy

How do you recommend created SEO content is shared?

When the SEO content strategy and calendar is created so should the content sharing strategy. This sharing strategy should include how and when it will be shared on social channels, email communications (both internally and externally) and how employees can assist in sharing content to their professional and/or personal social media networks.

Can I see an example of a prior content calendar?

The answer to this should always be yes!

What SEO tools do you use to monitor progress?

There are many reputable tools available. Be wary of proprietary SEO tools. They typically do not have the technological manpower behind them commercially available tools do. They also tend to tell overly positive stories about the SEO agency’s progress.

Can I get SEO reports sent to me on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis?

The answer to this should be yes. The agency might be wary of sending you too many reports early on as progress is slow in the early months and they might be worried this will cause you unneeded concern.

How will SEO reports be presented to me?

It is recommended that all SEO reports are presented during a meeting to allow for thorough review and discussion.

Will the SEO reports come with recommendations?

The purpose of reporting is to not only show what has happened to date but to use this information to improve the SEO strategy going forward. Therefore, all reporting should have a summary and detailed readout as well as recommendations on how to continue to improve SEO efforts (technical, keyword and content) going forward!

Do you have SEO success stories I can review?

The answer to this should also always be “yes”! Reputable SEO travel marketing agencies will love to share their successes. Interested in reading a great SEO travel marketing story? See how our SEO and PPC efforts helped Oceania Cruises.

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