Ridiculously awesome people with a passion for adventure.


Touristy is the sister company to AdVision, a 12 year-old Inbound Marketing and Paid Search agency in Denver, CO. Over the years, AdVision has determined the best digital marketing strategy for delivering results to our outstanding partners in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality space. We have decided to take this knowledge to embark on a new journey with Touristy, which is 100% focused on this space. We provide digital marketing strategies for travel, tourism and hospitality businesses to drive traffic and conversions.


Our Core Values


No B.S.
Be truthful. Tell it like it is (even when it’s difficult). If something’s not right, speak up. Always treat our partners with integrity, honesty and respect.


Embrace change. Dare to be bold. Speak your mind. Take calculated risks. Fail brilliantly. Always be yourself.


Give More
Overdeliver every day. Listen actively. Be helpful to a fault. Anticipate needs. Pitch in. Offer solutions.


Love the Puzzle
Be a passionate problem solver. Innovate. Ask questions. Consider all perspectives. Find creative solutions.


We are a team. We work together—respectfully, humbly. No one is an island. Ever. We are way more powerful together than we could ever be apart.


Meet Our Team


Callie Cernauskas
Paid Media Account Manager

Callie is a yoga enthusiast that has been working in Digital Marketing for over 4 years. She loves building strong relationships with her clients and coming up with campaign strategies to meet each clients goals. After graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Public Relations she moved away from the harsh Chicago winters to be able to stay active all year long. Callie is always planning her next travel adventure. When she’s not at work you can find her skiing/snowboarding, hiking, camping, or hanging out with her senior rescue pup, Odie.

Kelly McEvitt
STRATEGIC Account Manager

Kelly is a Colorado native with an affinity for football and social media marketing. Graduating from the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder with a focus in communication, Kelly enjoys creating meaningful inbound campaigns for clients. When she’s not delving into analytics data, you might find her at her neighborhood yoga studio or on an adventure with her pup, Marlowe.

Lindsey Holliday
Senior Account Manager

Lindsey is an adventurous travel fanatic with a love for digital marketing. Her specialities include account management, content strategy, and inbound marketing. With her degree in marketing she has learned to help businesses develop a strong online presence and delight their customers. When she isn’t prancing around the city, you can find her in the mountains. Passions include travel, music, writing, design, and anything outdoors!


Matt Walde
Founder & President

Matt founded Touristy in 2017 with the goal of making digital marketing understandable and accessible to tourism and travel companies of all sizes. Under his leadership, AdVision has grown to become an authority in the inbound marketing space, and is on its way to becoming one of Denver’s top digital advertising agencies.

Meredith Cook
SENIOR Digital Designer

Meredith is a music-loving, adventure-seeking designer and digital marketing specialist. With a degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (also known as the southern part of heaven), Meredith creates visually compelling marketing strategies for our clients. Away from work, she enjoys trail running, skiing, yoga, and exploring all that the mountains have to offer.

Shannon Dwyer
Paid Media Account Manager

Shannon made the move to Denver in 2016 from Arlington, TX to continue her work in the digital space. A collegiate swimmer at the University of North Texas, she enjoys all things active, including snowboarding, hiking, and running. She has completed an Ironman and is currently training for the Chicago Marathon in October. Shannon also loves hanging out with her dog, Gus, who will be 8 in August and he’s the goodest boy there is! She’s also a huge hockey fan—GO STARS!


Taryn Kaufman

Taryn is the quintessential southern girl from Dallas who can always be found in her cowboy boots. Taryn is pursuing her Masters degree at the University of Denver with a concentration in digital marketing. When she isn’t studying or working, Taryn loves traveling and hanging with her dog Casanova.

Teresa Grammatke
Director of Services

Teresa has been working in digital marketing since the days of starting off sales calls by explaining what the internet is.  She is passionate about helping partners achieve their goals and keeping up on the latest trends and opportunities in the industry.  Outside of work, you can find Teresa hiking or skiing in the mountains with her husband and twins, reading by a fire (ideally of the camp variety), cheering on her favorite sports teams or taking in some live music. 


Director of Head Scratches

Bentley has been a member of the Touristy team since day one. Having negotiated a 1-day work week, Bentley is primarily in charge of hiding things that aren’t his, taking at least 3 naps a day, and getting head scratches from everyone in the office.